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Calgary to save Canada’s architecture reputation

Hopes are pinned on Calgary’s Bow skyscraper to convince the architecture community that Canada is no longer the home of “mostly banal” buildings. Some in the architecture industry have challenged that our nation’s buildings are mostly style and no substance. The jab has pushed many designers in the major cities to reflect on how their cities could improve. In the meantime,  the $1.4-billion, 58-storey Bow Building is getting lots of positive, substantial attention.

“It happens to be a beautiful piece of architecture, one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen,” Toronto Start columnist Christopher Hume told  “Not only is this city’s newest office tower, the Bow Building, the tallest in town; it’s also the most accomplished.”


Saskatoon makeup artist Tamsen Rae, known for her uncanny ability to transform the living into the undead, recently turned half the face of a model into what looked like a Walking Dead  zombie, for a pre-Halloween, look what I can do to your face, photoshoot. Zombies, once appreciated for the alienation they symbolized, are now mainstream. Rae told the StartPhoenix that, this year, “Everyone is being a zombie.” She already has a number of clients, who booked her “leading edge” talent well in advance.

View her portfolio here.

Fashion designers in Edmonton hit Toronto stage

Edmonton’s Nicole Campre and Malorie Urbanovitch earned the opportunity to compete in this year’s young, start-up designers competition during Toronto Fashion Week, which wraps up Friday. The two qualified for the event last April after winning a semi-final event in Edmonton. The competition, which is geared towards encouraging up and coming design talent in Canada, took place Tuesday. Click hyperlinked text for results and the full story.

Regina’s X-files

Regina historian Don Black, known for his annual lectures on the city’s haunted College Avenue, told local media that at the U of R building where he speaks, there have been ghost sightings. The tales, be they true or just interesting, date back to a typhoid epidemic in the ’40s and surround three notable deaths.

“When I hear that there are ghosts in this building, well who are they?” said Black. “If they are here, and I respect everybody’s chance to believe in them, I think they’d be one of the people who passed away from typhoid.”

Report crimes online, in Winnipeg, and only if they’re non-violent

Winnipeggers have been given the ability starting Wednesday to report non-violent crime through the Winnipeg Police Service website. Those interested in taking the process for a test drive, however, should heed the bolded words, filing a false police report is a crime, written directly above the very enticing, blue “Start Report” button.

“There are immediate benefits as citizens can avoid unnecessary travel and wait times and can file a report at any time using an Internet connection at home, at the office, or through a personal electronic device,” said police, in a news release.

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