Exporting failure

One can only hope for the sake of the patients of China’s Rizhou Hospital that their Wellness Centre will not also include the institutionalized racism, dismal wait-times for critical surgeries and tests, and inexcusable lack of accountability that is endemic here in Manitoba. Read More

Ireland’s victory bittersweet for far too many

Unfortunately, Ireland's decision to join the 21st century also serves as a chilling reminder too many countries remain firmly in the Dark Ages, and countless LGBT people worldwide remain at risk of persecution, even death for living openly as their authentic selves. Read More

Out damn’d selfie spot

Nothing is more synonymous with the crippling narcissism of contemporary Western culture than the "selfie." And here we are encouraging people to take them! Yes, City of Winnipeg, let's encourage more of this destructive behaviour that actively discourages individuals from taking a critical eye to their surroundings; replace it with smug, self-indulgent filler for personal social media feeds. Read More