Out damn’d selfie spot

Nothing is more synonymous with the crippling narcissism of contemporary Western culture than the "selfie." And here we are encouraging people to take them! Yes, City of Winnipeg, let's encourage more of this destructive behaviour that actively discourages individuals from taking a critical eye to their surroundings; replace it with smug, self-indulgent filler for personal social media feeds. Read More

Winnipeg: One Racist City

Maclean's writer and former Winnipegger Nancy Macdonald has done Winnipeg a great favour in airing our dirty secret to the rest of Canada. With her recent article she has painted a damning picture of our city for the rest of the country to digest. Like turning on the light in the basement where vile acts of abuse no one in the family wanted to talk about took place. Read More

Every joke is a tiny revolution

For over 4,000 years, humans—of every creed, colour, locality and ethnicity—have been using wit to peacefully protest social ills and the excesses of the elites; employing irony, sarcasm, analogy and host of other literary devices to cleverly critique monarchs and monguls, governments and gods. Read More