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Grand Forks to Winnipeg, via the Great Lakes

Depending on the length of time spent waiting in line at the Canada-U.S. border, the drive from Grand Forks, North Dakota to Winnipeg is usually a little over two hours, or roughly time enough for the much-too-much food you ate at the Q’doba outlet to settle in your stomach.

To make the same journey by Greyhound bus today would take a little longer. Four days longer. Leaving Grand Forks at 7:30 AM, the bus winds its way through northern Minnesota before transfering in Fargo seven hours later. Another transfer in Minneapolis, a stop in Milwaukee, then transfers in Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Toronto, before arriving in Winnipeg around 6 pm, Saturday. Total fare is only $46.00 (USD).

(Meanwhile, a bus from Winnipeg to Grand Forks, however indirect, is not available.)

This may be a sad, absurd indication of the state of inter-urban travel in this part of North America. But if one finds themselves short on money, long on time, and in the need to get one-way to Chicago or Toronto, all they need is a ride to Grand Forks and $46 for a ticket to Winnipeg.

That, and lots of snacks, books, and a well-stocked iPod. Without those, no long Greyhound ride is worth it.


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