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Prairie Daily: Glen Murray, LRT in Calgary and Regina’s ‘Black Museum’

Former Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray is being encouraged to run for the soon-available Liberal leadership in Ontario.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, one day after he prorogued legislature and announced his resignation, told potential candidates in his cabinet to quit their post if they want to run for his spot, in a bid to quicken the upcoming leadership race.

Glen Murray,  who represents Toronto Centre as the minister for training, colleges and universities,  elusively responded to the direct question of whether or not he would run, saying he agreed with McGuinty’s advice. But, supporters remain optimistic and determined to see his name stand.

Winnipeg is still watching you, Mr. Murray.‘Black Museum’ of crime exhibit in Regina until Halloween

The death masks of the “Benito Bandits,” the hangman’s rope that killed Albert woman Filumena Lassendro and more; all rarely-seen artifacts from the RCMP’s Historical Collection Unit. The collection can be seen at the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina.

A man and his bulldozer on the “Coldest Journey on Earth”

Mechanic Spencer Smirl, of Peace River, Alta., has been chosen from a batch of candidates, to operate a bulldozer that will escort famed explorer Ranulph Fiennes 3,000 kilometres across Antarctica; and, all this in the dead of winter.

Two bulldozers will pull shipping containers doubling as living quarters and storage. This 14-month, team effort, six people in total, is the first of its kind and is chalked full of mortal dangers.

“It’s probably going to be some of the most scary operating you can do with a bulldozer,” Smirl told Edmonton Journal.

Calgary LRT project may be delayed to 2015

Calgary Transit said it is waiting for government grant cheques in order to start awarding contracts for the $200-million project of building 50 more light rail cars, according to Calgary Herald. If not received soon, councillors fear a scathing response from their constituents, as the already crammed lines will only get more so, in a city that opens its doors to about 30,000 new residents per year.

The announced deadline for the project is 2014.


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