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Prairie Daily: Winnipeg’s Field of Honour, Calgary’s seven-year-old altruist, and Saskatchewan flu clinics on hiatus

Saskatchewan may have to get flu shot from other provinces

Health Minister Dustin Duncan says he expects to know in a few days if Saskatchewan’s flu clinics will be able to open on time. The problem: Tiny clumps of virus particles were found in some batches of vaccine made by Novartis. The province is waiting to hear whether it can still use Novartis. If not, Saskatchewan will need to source out  manufacturers used by other provinces.

“Essentially, if we don’t have that within in the next day or so, we’ll go to the backup plan, which is working with the three provinces that have surplus of the other two vaccines. We’ll make that decision, probably I would say (Tuesday) or Wednesday at the latest,” said Duncan.


Winnipeg’s Brookside Cemetery offers guided tour

Winnipeg’s Brookside Cemetery is home to one of Canada’s largest and most significant military interment sites. Jane Saxby, Cemeteries Administrator says that few people realize that Manitoba is home to such an important part of history.

Brookside Cemetery is offering a three and a half hour free-guided tour on Friday, November 9th at 10:30 a.m.

“We encourage people of all ages to visit the Field of Honour this year as a way to better understand how important Remembrance Day is to all of us,” said Saxby.

For more information on Winnipeg’s Field of Honour click here


Seven-year-old altruist donates birthday cheque to Pound Rescue Adoption Centre

Calgary’s Natalie Gurr has helped, I’m sure, restore in many a faith in humanity. Gurr asked friends to bring a donation to Calgary’s Pound Rescue Centre to her birthday party, a selfless act that may not be too common among the seven-year-old set. Her family adopted their dog, Bella, at the pound receiving the $600 cheque.

“She said, ‘Mom I think we should give back to Pound Rescue because they gave us our best friend,’” said Natalie’s proud mom, Tammy Gurr.


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