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An Eater’s Guide to Festival du Voyageur

We welcome another Manitoba winter in 2016, which means we once again embrace all the great outdoor activities our province has to offer: skating, skiing, snowboarding, visiting the Forks and, most importantly, Festival du Voyageur. This ten-day French Canadian spectacular is world renowned and a ton of fun. Guests gather to watch the fiddling competition, cheer on the leg wrestling and log sawing, enjoy the live entertainment and take in the magnificent snow sculptures. All… Read More
Photo credit: Christopher Cornelius

Food is for the soul

For me, the memories of gathering every Sunday in my grandparent’s house are the sweetest - the smells of potato soup simmering on the stove, a fresh batch of bread coming out of the oven, and a chicken roasting for dinner. Read More
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The beauty of the beet

Beets get a bad rap. This earthy vegetable is under used and often labelled as unpleasant. The issue is most likely not beets themselves, but rather the person behind the vegetable. Read More