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5 things you absolutely must know today

1. Power restored in half of Downtown Calgary

Four out of seven zones in Calgary’s downtown core had power restored this morning with several bridges reopened while C-Train service across Calgary has expanded to parts of downtown with some lines fully operational. Despite the partial restoration of power, the core only remains open to residents and people who work downtown were asked to stay home on Monday evening. [Huffington Post]

2. Northern SK flood evacuees arrive in Saskatoon

Approximately 150 residents of northern Saskatchewan who are escaping flooding have arrived in Saskatoon to stay at the Lawson Heights soccer centre. As many as 600 people could eventually seek refuge there and the Red Cross is urging evacuees to register when they arrive. [CBC]

3. Plan unveiled for new tower at Portage and Main

Creswin Properties has unveiled plans for a 28-storey hotel-condo building that could be built on top of a surface parking lot at 416 Main St, just north of Portage and Main. The building would include 237 hotel rooms, 30 condo units on the top six floors, a full-service restaurant and 40,000 square feet of office space. The site was home to the McIntyre Block until the 1970s when it was demolished, creating an outcry that kickstarted the movement for protecting the historic Exchange District, that eventually led to the area’s designation as a national historic site. [Winnipeg Free Press]

4. Deliverance-style account from Winnipeg student 

An unnamed 23-year-old Winnipeg student has come forward about his unprovoked encounter on June 14 with two men near Bisset, Manitoba who allegedly attempted to kill him while he ran for his life into the woods. The 23-year-old was working at a rock quarry near Bissett when he awoke to bright lights in his camper while sleeping alone. He went out to investigate and two men were sitting in a truck behaving strangely. The two men rambled about being lost and how they were new to the area before remarking about killing a prostitute and that they couldn’t allow him to leave alive.

The man took off into the woods and before he reached the tree line, he heard the first bullet graze past his head. He estimates at least a dozen shots came close to hitting him before he emerged five hours later and flagged down a vehicle with two (different) men heading to work at the mine at Bisset. RCMP have arrested two men for attempted murder and firearms violations and are being held in Winnipeg without bail. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Around Canada:

5. Laurent Blanchard appointed Montreal’s interim mayor

At a special council meeting today, Laurent Blanchard, a city councillor and head of the municipal executive body, was chosen as Montreal’s new interim mayor to take over from Michael Applebaum who stepped down last week after being arrested for corruption-related offenses. Another municipal election is scheduled for November. [CTV]