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5 things you absolutely must know today

Iran nuclear deal expected

A deal surrounding the fate of Iran’s nuclear program is expected to be reached Friday, BBC reports.

The U.S., U.K., France and Germany are in Geneva negotiating with Iran and the P5+1 delegates.

The predicted resolution surrounds the countries involved lifting sanctions affecting Iran’s oil-based economy in exchange for cessations to its nuclear activity.

In it’s long been suspected Iran’s uranium enrichment programme is directly tied to the development of nuclear weapons. Iran denies such allegations. [Source: BBC]

NDP oppose Keystone

The NDP gave strong opposition to the long-stalled Keystone XL pipeline in the Commons Thursday, arguing that the project would move oil-related jobs to Canada.

Peter Julian, NDP energy critic, took centre stage in the debate, expressing concern over piping the bitumen for processing in the U.S. rather than running east-west lines in Canada to refineries in Quebec and New Brunswick. This would keep the jobs associated with the process in Canada.

Julian noted the complications of Harper’s outspoken support of moving those jobs to the U.S. and considering projects like Keystone XL as the only way for Canada to succeed, economically.

The Federal Liberals have joined the Harper government in support of the pipeline. [Source: Globe and Mail]

 Typhoon hits Philippines  

These things must be named. This one goes by Typhoon Haiyan. Four people have been reported dead and the toll is expected to rise after what is possibly the largest typhoon to ever hit land struck the Philippines Friday. Winds surpassing 200 km/h hit a series of islands, causing landslides, mass-scale evacuations, and downed power lines.

The extent of the devastation is not yet known, and, though the storm has lessened significantly, weather officials predict more devastation, warning of a possible 23-feet surge. [Source: NY Daily News]

Patrick Stewart: Perhaps Rob Ford is a comedian  

Sir Patrick Stewart dressed as a lobster for Halloween. We all loved that picture, preaching again to the choir the depth of Mr. Stewart’s character. The knighted actor explained his outfit on The Daily Show Thursday, giving credit for the idea to his wife Sunny Ozell.

But then he made a connection between his wearing of a red lobster outfit to Rob Ford. The costume makes people laugh, and Rob Ford has a similar effect on his audience: “Maybe they’re not politicians,” Stewart said. “Maybe they’re comedians, but they actually have bad script writers.”

Indeed, Ford’s reads as a comedy sketch. And if it weren’t for his scope of influence, his antics would be hilarious. They’re not that funny, as it stands. But Stewart’s are.

Jon Stewart has tirelessly poked fun of Ford on The Daily Show and has “mixed feelings” about it.  [Source: Atlantic Wire]

Happy Birthday, Winnipeg

The four wards and 12 councillors that made up the first iteration of Winnipeg incorporated 140 year ago Friday. Happy Birthday, Winnipeg!

It was a controversial move to consolidate the wards, but in 1873 it happened. And speaker of the legislature C.J. Bird was tarred and feathered in the process, according to the Freep. [Source: Freep]

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