Bob Deutscher’s ‘Ayden Kitchen and Bar – Garden to Glass’

Ayden Kitchen and Bar in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is the subject of this short video by “photographer/videographer, musician, cooking enthusiast/food blogger, graphic designer, finance graduate and all around creative individual”, Bob Deutscher. The restaurant is scheduled to open on November 15th, 2013! Looks like an interesting place to check out.

“Restaurants often place a great importance on sourcing local ingredients to use in their cooking, but that same attitude isn’t always reflected in their cocktail menus. In “Garden to Glass” we follow GM & Mixologist of Ayden Kitchen & Bar, Christopher Cho, as he picks fresh fruit for use in one of his signature cocktails. Utilizing local ingredients as often as possible, whether it be in cooking your meal, or creating a cocktail, makes Ayden Kitchen & Bar a truly unique and delicious dining experience in all facets of service.”

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