Dear Canada

You were an afterthought at best; the antipasti to my Ciceri e Tria. I had my sights firmly set on the land of the free, the home of the brave. Read More

Interview: Winnipeg comedian Nelson Mayer

He’s performed at the Comedy Store in LA, ended up backstage at Jimmy Kimmel and has met and shared the stage with a dizzying number of North America's top comedians. On top of this, he's a married father of six and is gainfully employed which puts him in a different category than most comedians. Read More

Even more grumpy consciousness!

In Grumpy Young Man’s system, his columns are represented by two separate, yet equally unimportant groups. The column’s where he doesn’t drink and the column’s where he does drink. These are his (drunken) jokes. Read More

Top 10 comics of 2012

The purpose of this list is not to tell any of you what you should think or like, but to share a flicker of passion for a medium and its story tellers in the hopes that a few more people will fall in love with the idiosyncratic heartbeat that only thumps in the musty shelves of a comic store. Read More