Commercial winter fishing in Dauphin River, Manitoba

Yes, we may all be so sick of winter that the idea of watching a short video on ice fishing might be a bad thing to post. But, give it a chance. This is really quite fascinating and beautifully shot video presented by the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters¬†(CCPFH).¬†Maybe you can come back to this when the temperature hits 30 degrees this summer and remember a cooler more refreshing time of the year. Oh, who’s kidding who. There is NO way the temperature is ever going to get to 30 degrees this year!

“CCPFH visited Dauphin River Manitoba in February and got a rare glimpse of the technique used for commercial ice fishing in the area.

Helgi, Dale and Kris Einarsson welcomed us to their community and showed us what kind of fish they catch and how they catch it during the winter season. The community which normally has approximately 65 commercial fish harvesters has been in a state of evacuation for some time due to massive flooding. Helgi, Dale and Kris were happy to go out on the ice to show us how they do it.”