Damien Hirst interview on euronews

Damien Hirst seems to be one of those figures that people either love or hate. He’s somewhat of a art “rock star” as opposed to a starving artist. He has made both wildly interesting and challenging, and then just plain dull and boring pieces. I got the chance to see his exhibit at the Tate Modern in London last year. Some of his stuff was fantastic. Others were, well, rather lazy and rehashed. Two extremes from one artist.

Always under the surface is the idea that this guy has made big dollars as an artist and many ask if he is really worth it. Regardless of whether he deserves it or not he has made it. He most likely won’t be dying in poverty as other artists have, only for collectors and investors to make millions off of their art. He is reaping the rewards now. Why shouldn’t he?

This is a short interview done by euronews. It’s not extraordinarily in-depth, but it is still interesting to hear what he has to say.