David Wilder’s Solaris

Calgary-based photographer David Wilder put together this stunning video of star trail photographs, taken mostly in the mountains of Alberta. At least, that’s where I think it is. That’s where I am guessing it is, put it that way. It looks like Kananaskis country if you ask me. But I’ve been wrong about these things before.

A little more about David Wilder:

“I’ve never flown in a rocket ship nor have I ever slept under the stars but I have photographed them. I found the meaning of my life when I looked through my first viewfinder. I sometimes forget to brush my teeth and I never make my bed, but I am not lazy. If my camera went missing tomorrow my soul would go with it. I believe one moment can tell more about a person than any amount of words. The sounds of shutters clicking, strobes popping, and batteries buzzing makes my heart sing, they are the food to my soul. I have great faith in mankind and feel that somewhere deep down inside we all are children that love pretty pictures. I think that if we all had a camera for a day the world would understand each other a little bit better. So lets take some pictures together, lets make some art. Better yet lets take a rocket ship to the stars.”