Domino Effect: 270,000 dominoes fall as world record is broken

This is quite the spectacle. The fine art of making long lines of dominoes for the sole purpose of knocking them down is rather fascinating. A weeks worth of work is toppled in mere minutes. Here, 270,000 dominoes push one another over to achieve a new world record. It’s a rather stunning sight to see these thousands and thousands of small rectangular objects topple in a wave as they clickity-clack together towards international stardom.

“More than 270,000 dominoes have fallen in a feat set up in a week by a team of 12 people in Germany. The self-proclaimed ‘Sinners’ spent over a week setting up just over 270,000 dominos in various shapes and illustrations which included famous landmarks and people.

They only needed to down 55,555 to beat the current world record for most dominos falling in a spiral.

However, an audience in the sports hall where the mini-blocks were carefully set up witnessed something much more special.

They cheered as they saw pyramids collapsing and a football goal breaking and were also treated to a tense moment when a helper had to scoop blocks out of a fish bowel and put them back in their place to allow the cascading to continue.

An especially colourful sunset marked the end of the feat. Report by Louise Hulland.”