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Edmonton to build Canada’s first natural swimming pool

Work will begin next spring on Canada’s first natural swimming pool. The naturally filtered pool will be located in Borden Park, a popular spot in Edmonton that lies just north of the North Saskatchewan River.

The pool will be chlorine free and will use plants to help clean the water. On September 29, Peter Streith of Kasian Architecture outlined the plan in the Commonwealth recreation centre. The filtration system relies on natural resources to make the pool safe for visitors without exposing the environment to harmful chemicals.

The water in the pool will be pumped through fabric to catch any particles and then be filtered in a pond containing bulrushes, gravel and limestone. After that filtration the water will move to a regeneration pool with grasses and lily pads that will remove any bacteria and chemicals. The final stage in the cleaning process is an underground ultraviolet light that kills viruses and E. coli.

The new pool will also feature sand, concessions, change rooms and showers. The $14.5-million project is set to start operating in the summer of 2016. It will be the first of its kind in Canada and, depending on its success, may change the way pools are operated.

To find out more about this natural swimming pool visit Borden Park Revitalization Plan.

Krista Wiebe is a freelance editor and writer. She is the Alberta Editor for the Spectator Tribune. Follow her on Twitter @KristaWiebe

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