Elevated Heat

Nina Bouchard has assembled this rather beautiful art project that can easily be confused with a science project. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Ms. Bouchard and am having trouble finding any information on her. I found a tumblr blog that I believe is hers and her YouTube channel that both feature a number of her projects. All of them look fascinating although some documentation about them would be great to find. But, there is no personal information on the pages. So, I guess her work will just have to be admired for what it is.

“Some acrylic sheets form a box, which contains a heat lamp and a fan. Atop this box, nine 3’holes have been perforated to allow for the same number of foot-long tubes to be inserted, each of which support a spindle at their highest point. The fan causes these spindles to rock back and forth within their cradles at varying speeds due to the subtle imbalances of each shard. Heat from the lamp is vented through the tubes, which also affects the motion of these spindles. The lamp produces a strong light, which the spindles reflect into the surrounding environment.”