For the love of LEGO

LEGO has been a center piece of children’s lives for several generations now. It has also been the bane of many a parents existence when they have found their way under bare feet in the wee hours of the morn. Here is a short history and personal account of the legendary blocks from the Danish Ambassador’s Deputy to the Czech Republic, of all people.

“Cafe Neu Romance is the first international robot performance festival in the World which took place for the first time at the Galerie NTK in Prague November 26-29 2012. It was organized by Danish robot event & marketing company Vive Les Robots! and co-organized by Galerie NTK at the National Technical Library in the Czech Capital.

The first version of Cafe Neu Romance contained a strong program, where the Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic visited the festival during the LEGO MINDSTORMS Day.

In the video you can listen to the Opening speech of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Day by the Danish Ambassador’s Deputy Lars Kjellberg.
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