Historic Grand Prix of Zandvoort 2013

Historical art works speeding around a beautiful road course in the Netherlands, a stunning sight indeed, even if it is only on video. One day, it would be great to see this in person. Where do people get their hands on these classic cars? Regardless, it’s fantastic that people are not only preserving these historical pieces, but using them as they where originally intended, which is to RACE!

The annual event in it’s second year was the Historic Grand Prix of Zandvoort which ran August 30th to September 1st, 2013 with over 46,000 spectators in attendance.

“This is a MotorsportMediaNL video production shot and edited by Jordy Morsch: motorsportmedia.nl and www.facebook.com/MotorsportMediaNL

The Historic Grand Prix of Zandvoort 2013
Track: Circuit park Zandvoort(NL)”