‘Icebox Productions: Winnipeg Hardcore Forever’

Take a peek into Winnipeg’s “underground” hardcore music scene with this video by Exchange Media. This was shot at a place called The Death Trap, which last time I heard was dead. At least it was in it’s location under Mondragon. But, what do I know? Not much. I can’t keep up with what the crazy kids are doing. This doesn’t look like The Death Trap I was in a few years back for Arsonfest. Is someone playing a trick on me?

The promoters, John Mayo and Ray Guyot, run Icebox Productions and are responsible for assembling this show of pure sweaty madness (with a short fistacuffs interlude thrown in for good measure). You can read all about John and Ray in this interview on The Uniter website. The bands featured here are Isolation and Still Fighting.