Icy plunge raises big money for Special Olympics

One hundred and twenty people took embracing winter to a whole new level by taking part in the Manitoba Polar Plunge on February 16th. Now, I as much as anyone else believes that supporting charity is a good thing. But, the idea of even getting out from under my duvet during a Winnipeg winter is enough to make me cringe. Diving into a pool of frigid water is far beyond anything I am willing to attempt. I’ve done stupid things over my lifetime, but this one is not for me. I would rather dive into a tank full of sharks and stingrays. No, I take that back, I wouldn’t do either.

The event, dubbed “Freezin’ for a Reason” coincides with the 25th anniversary of the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Instead of carrying warm and cozy flaming sticks, law enforcement officers from around the province decided to risk hypothermia and heavy shrinkage for charity this time around. Twenty five THOUSAND dollars were raised for Special Olympics and those the organization helps. This was the first year for what organizers are hoping to be an annual ritual of self abuse in the name of helping others. Kudos to all who took part!