Interview with Olympian Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards

Remember Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards? I do! I was fascinated with the guy back when he took part in the 1988 Calgary Olympics in, of all sports, ski jumping. At the time, Britain wasn’t exactly a hot spot for winter sports, especially skiing. And he wasn’t exactly a great ski jumper, to say the least. He was such an odd duck with thick glasses who became the perfect poster boy for the underdog. I liked that. I even have an autograph from him when I met him at a mall in Thunder Bay. He was there training at Big Thunder Ski Center at around the time of the Calgary Olympics. A fine chap indeed!

In this interview, he talks about taking part in the 1988 Olympics, his decision to try ski jumping, and his views on the Games. He comes across as a terribly interesting and intelligent fellow here. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and still think he’s a great, thought slightly odd, dude.