Jones Road

What did you do over the long weekend? Did you sit around, relax and have a BBQ like I did? Or, did you climb up a bunch of sharp and steep rocks in Northwestern Ontario like these folks did.  “Jones Road” by Sam Karney captures beautifully a sport that I have no interest in doing because, you know, I’m scared of falling. But, Sam’s friends make it almost look fun! It’s fun to watch anyway, if not fun to do.

“Over the May Long weekend, I went out with some friends who are heavily involved in the Manitoba rock climbing community. We headed out to Jones Road, just north of Kenora, Ontario, which is one of the area’s premier climbing locations.

I’m not a climber, so I didn’t get any of the cool shots from on the rocks themselves, but I got creative with the shots that were available to me.

Shot with a Canon C100 and graded with Film Convert for Pr CC”