Kaha:wi Dance Theatre’s ‘A Story Before Time’

Well, this is a lengthy write up explaining in detail what this video is all about, so I shall spare you from my rambling, and refer you to the below description:

“You are watching excerpts from Kaha:wi Dance Theatre’s enchanting interpretation of the age-old Iroquoian Creation Story by Santee Smith. Explore the Sky World and the Earth World; enjoy the antics and courage of the muskrat, otter, geese and deer; and, learn the story of Sky Woman, Hanging Flower, West Wind, The Bent One and Holder of the Heavens.

The journey begins as a wondrous Sky World is revealed and Sky Beings dance like stars in the cosmos. It is when Sky Woman falls through the roots of the Celestial Tree to the Water World below that life on Turtles back takes shape. Animals by her side, Sky Woman sings and dances her world into existence. Composer Donald Quan has created an exquisite musical score that successfully blends traditional Iroquoian social songs and contemporary music, incorporating both Mohawk and Cayuga languages. Storyteller weaves the story with narration written by acclaimed Ojibway playwright Drew Hayden Taylor. Visually stunning, musically rich and theatrically compelling, this spectacular dance work for families and school-age children is entertaining and insightful.

Nominated for Dora Mavor Moore Awards in two categories in 2008, the world premiere of A Story Before Time occurred as a co-production between Kaha:wi Dance Theatre and the Banff Centre for the Arts at the Margaret Greenham Theatre during the Banff Summer Arts Festival, Banff, Alberta.

The gorgeous ASBT Soundtrack featuring the vocals by ElizaBeth Hill, Faron John, OlMush Singers and Santee Smith.

KDT has also created a comprehensive Study Guide to accompany this performance that can be accessed through our website.

Lighting Design: Harry Frehner
Costume/Set Design: Linda Leon

Check our website¬†kahawidance.org¬†for more information on the show, the company and upcoming tour dates.”