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Half Pints grows beyond the Prairies

If you’re a beer lover and are from Winnipeg, you will have most likely heard of Half Pints Brewing Co. And if you haven’t, you seriously need to get it together and have a taste.

This independently-owned craft brewery is the only one of its kind in Manitoba. Their flagship beers, St James Pale Ale, Little Scrapper IPA, Bulldog Amber Ale and Stir Stick Stout, can be found on draft lines across Winnipeg and other Prairie provinces at Kings Head, Yellow Dog, Bistro 7 1/4, Arkadash Bistro, The Grove and many, many more –

Half Pint’s motto has always been to brew “Quality, not Quantity,” and it’s been paying off, with its high demand in Manitoba and always growing popularity across the Prairies. When they come out with their speciality seasonal brews, like Demeter Harvest and Isolator, liquor marts can barely keep them in stock.

Although, in the past, their capacity has not allowed them to export farther than Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, CEO Nicole Barry announced in the Winnipeg Free Press on Wednesday that they will begin shipping to Toronto and Vancouver. Barry clarified this is not about making more money, (because it won’t), it’s about sharing and wanting a “back-and-forth with the craft brew community.”

Lately, Manitoba has been seeing craft brews from across the country, such as Great Lakes and Muskoka Breweries. And Barry explains that the beer-loving scene is much like the indie-movie scene, where it’s not necessary to tour around the country, people will seek it out because they love it and are passionate about good beer.



Karmen Wells is an intern at the Spectator Tribune as the social media editor. Follow her on Twitter @araenae