The Manitoba Storybook series: Katie and the Jets

Kudos to Katie for making this video on the Winnipeg Jets hockey team as part of the Manitoba Storybook series. I enjoyed watching it and can tell a lot of work went into making it. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Katie other than what the description of the video says: “A documentary made by Katie, an ASL (After School Leaders) student. It’s about the Jets, who they are, their history, and her opinion on them.”

“The Manitoba Storybook uses the art of documentary, media production, and the power of personal stories to bring young Manitobans from northern, rural, suburban and inner city communities together. The inaugural year partnered eight schools from throughout Manitoba. Each school selected a small group of students who where formed, trained and learned media literacy skills as a documentary crew. Empowered with their new skills the “crews” traveled to their twinned communities and created documentaries about their exchange experience.”

Then Manitoba Storybook is a Freeze Frame Manitoba project. Check out their website for information on their programs and how they get young Manitoban’s involved in the media arts.