Manitoba students don pink for anti-bullying day

I went to pick up my son from school yesterday and it was awash with pink shirts! It really was a beautiful sight to behold. When I was young, there was no such thing as an anti-bullying campaign. Too many kids suffered in silence while bullying was seen as just a part of being a kid. It is a part of being a kid that doesn’t have to happen. Now, finally, people are standing up and saying no to bullying. The Manitoba government has introduced Bill 18 to help tackle bullying in schools and try to create an environment safe and secure for students regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. Sadly, this is meeting fierce resistance from some communities. Fortunately, as we see here, many kids are embracing the idea of a bullying free school and are more able than before to stand up and be heard. Hopefully, this will mean a future where kids won’t have to dread going to school because they are afraid of being bullied.