IDA 2013

Wandering the halls of an abandoned hospital looks like the great way to kill an afternoon. It sure makes for a cool video where you expect someone to jump out at any second as if this was a horror movie! There is beauty in rot and decay and this film illustrates that well.

“An exploration of Ida Hospital, Cookridge.

“In 1886 John North gifted £6,000 to open a convalescent home in memory of his daughter Ida. Chorley and Connon were the Architects, opened 10th May 1888. Robert Arthington financed a second hospital on adjacent site which opened May 1905, and took his name but was mostly referred to as ‘Cookridge’.”

The hospital was abandoned in 2008.

This was my first time shooting Raw video through Magic Lantern, shot at 1920 x 720.

Music: ChimichangaFilms”