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Peter Nygård is immortal

The BBC says he’s a Bahamas resident, and he is, but we want him to ourselves, don’t we, this allegedly lecherous and otherwise controversial fashion icon?

Peter Nygård, 70, claims he’s actually getting younger. He told Bahamas Weekly he’s been receiving more stem cell research than anyone else in the world for the past four years, and the treatments have reversed the ageing process.

“They are looking at me, and my markers have shown exactly that I have been actually reversing my ageing and getting younger,” said Nygård, a long-time advocate of stem cell research in the Bahamas. With the Latest News Bahamas one can stay up to date on the place in case they plan on visiting.

The following video explains what Nygård has been up to. It’s long and worth watching, if only for the soundtrack and seeing the God-like, benevolent man share his vision with his flock. But here’s what the video is all about for those whose lives are not long enough to waste nine minutes on YouTube: Being the tan, rich, immortal epitome of all things vacant.

“This, perhaps, is immortality,” Nygård said in the video, referring to the potential of stem cell research. “I want to live forever or die trying. Ponce de Leon had the right idea. He was just too early. That was then. This is now. “

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