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Pint-Sized Records

Calgary is associated with a lot of things – oil and cowboys among them—one thing it isn’t often associated with, however, is music. If you dig deeper though, you might be surprised to learn there is a thriving community of bands and music lovers alike who have been building a local music scene for years.

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Pint-Sized Records, a local record company launched back in 2008 by Brain Fever members Nicolas Field and Vanessa Gloux, has played a definite part in it all.

Besides signing bands and putting out top-notch records, the company also puts on all-ages shows for locals to enjoy.

“There are amazing bands in this city that you still haven’t listened to,” said Field whose personal responsibilities fall with running the web store the label recently put up.

“I guess the headquarters are technically my tiny apartment, where I package and mail out everything, traveling by bicycle.”

The record label currently has 12 bands signed,  and 11 releases to its name.

How does a band go about getting signed? Field simply says, “Ask us. We’re nice people. There won’t be a contract involved.”

Amongst Field and Gloux, other local music lovers have contributed to the development of the label including Carlin Brown – the mind behind most of the artwork for Pint-Sized.

“We currently have 7 members, and all of us contribute in our own ways. Sometimes it can be as simple as putting up show posters around the city, or running the merch table at an event,” said Brown.

As for future and current projects, “Pint-Sized has a lot of things in the works right now, and I have a lot of faith that it will continue to grow. We’re not about profit, all of the money we make from merchandise or putting on shows goes straight back into our projects,” said Brown.

“2013 is looking to be an exciting year for us as far as new bands, new releases, and a lot of exciting events.”

For upcoming events, releases and any other information, you can check out Pint-Sized Records in all its glory at

Zoe Choy writes for the Spectator Tribune.

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