Play ball

STEEEEEEEEERRRRRIIIIIIIKKKKKKEEE!!! It’s baseball time again folks. Or maybe it has been for a while. Or maybe it’s isn’t baseball time yet. I don’t know. I know nothing about baseball. What I do know is this short video made by Winnipeg’s Ice Creek Productions of two guys going out and playing baseball at their neighbourhood park is well done, looks great, very professional with a story line that millions of North American’s can identify with. It makes me want to play….almost.

“A short little piece I shot at a baseball diamond at Norwood Community Centre in St. Boniface. Pretty simple stuff– I was playing with overcranking my old NX5U and doing some slo mo. I used the slo record on the NX5U, which I believe was first generation stuff that Sony was playing with in this camera. You lose quite a bit of quality when you’re at the wide end of the lens, which you’ll see.

Thanks to my buddy Rudy for being my actor and Mike for throwing the ball. And since I could only muster one actor, Rudy is facing off against, well…himself.”