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Calgary Catholic schools get their shot, Singer evokes Christmas spirit in Edmonton, Saskatchewan film industry gone to the dogs, and Winnipeg stadium sells out.

Catholic schools lift ban on HPV vaccine

Calgary Catholic schools are lifting the four-year ban they had in place to administer HPV fighting vaccine. For a while now, the Catholic community (leaders of the Catholic Church especially) believed this shot could lead to promiscuity,  but studies show this not the case.

While consent from a parent or guardian will be required, female students will soon be able to get the HPV vaccine, which will act as a cervical cancer preventative. Health experts and advocates involved, feel that this is a smart decision that was long overdue. Strains happen in the human papillomavirus (HPV) and when it is infected (something that can happen with sexual activity) cervical cancer can develop.

While the vaccine has been a major breakthrough, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) say that once vaccinated, girls should receive regular Pap tests because 30 per cent cervical cancers cannot be prevented.

This new decision in Catholic schools is a great first step in a change of thinking.

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Meaghan Smith brings Christmas spirit to Edmonton

Meaghan Smith was born to be artistic. She started her career getting paid to draw, now she gets paid to draw people in. Music was once just a hobby for the Halifax born sultry singer but all that changed when she released her full-length debut album, The Cricket Orchestra in 2011. It gained instant acclaim, which earned her a Juno for best new artist.

She wrote her first album when on a three-month break, after nine months of working on an animation project, and recorded it independently in 2008. She was soon scooped up by Warner Music and had her cover of The Pixies song Here Comes Your Man appear on the soundtrack for 500 Days of Summer, which starred Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Smith will perform on Friday night at the Artery, 9535 Jasper and her husband Jason Mingo will be accompanying her. The two are currently touring to support  Smith’s new Christmas album It Snowed. It features originals and holiday standards performed in her trademark big-band-meets modern pop style. Doors open at 7 p.m. and there is a general admission.

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Regina film house faces premature end

The Saskatchewan film industry has gone to the dogs after the province cut the Film Employment Tax Credit back in March. Trilight Entertainment is working in downtown Regina on one of the last films affiliated with this now obsolete tax credit, and for that, creating a little buzz.

The film is called Step Dogs, which Holly Baird of Trilight Entertainment describes as a Home Alone type of movie. It has two robbers breaking into a house to steal a diamond and the family pooches aren’t having it. It is the second out of 10 movies that Trilight had planned to make. The first, being Vampire Dog which was filmed last summer in Regina. Baird finds the whole experience bittersweet, She, with Trilight Entertainment will be making a move to Alberta, which is not an easy thing for her to do since she has called Saskatchewan her home since she was 5.

“This potentially could be the last time I’m working with all these friends that are basically a family to me,” Baird said. “I went to university here, I chose to live here, so when you’re actually being forced to move instead of making that decision yourself, it’s a little hard.”

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Winnipeg Stadium sells out

While it is an end of an era for the Polo Park Winnipeg Stadium, fans can take a piece of that era with them, for a price. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicked off their stadium asset sale to season ticket holders on Thursday.  Season ticket holders will have the jump on the sale until Saturday and  then it opens to the general public on Sunday.

The Bombers director of marketing Jeffrey Bannon said, “It’s going phenomenal. It just shows how much the city loves this football club, there’s a lot of memories in this facility.”

The team is ahead of schedule to be moved out of their old stomping grounds and the move will be complete by the end of the holidays. The first week of the New Year, will truly be a new start for the Bombers, as they set foot on their new turf.

There has been major fandemonium with getting their hands on hot ticket items such as turf, neon signs, dressing room stools, and more.  The infamous Appleton Rum Hut was auctioned off Thursday night.  It came down to a bidding war of two and finally sold for $10,000.  The Heart and Stroke Foundation will receive all proceeds from the hut.

While there has been a long line of memorabilia buyers, fans that aren’t season ticket holders can rest easy as there is still plenty of trough to go around.



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