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Calgary’s Greener Folk Festival, Saskatchewan’s gets private liquor stores, Edmonton welcomes back their homegrown country star, and Winnipeg newspaper gets TV time.


 Fans at 2012 Calgary Folk Music Fest cheer on Beirut

It ain’t easy, being green but the Calgary Folk Music Festival (CFMA) sure makes it look that way. For the second consecutive year, the festival has won the Greener Festival Award. The award was presented to CFMA on December 3 at Roundhouse in London, England by A Greener Festival.

A Green Festival is a non-profit company committed to help festivals in the music and arts community around the world. They encourage these music and cultural festivals to adopt efficient and environmentally  responsible practices. The award recognizes the event’s conscious environmental efforts and there impact on Prince’s Island Park where the festival is held and the global environment.

“We are humbled to see our Festival getting recognized yet again for our environmental efforts,” said Christopher Dunlap, Eco-Initiatives Manager for the Calgary Folk Music Festival.

The 2012 award was also bestowed upon Bonaroo’s Music and Arts Festival and Calgary see it twice as their own Sled Island Music Festival was also recognized.



 Saskatchewan’s changing their liquor laws

Saskatchewan is mixing up the cocktail that is their liquor laws, and soon will see three private liquor stores among the 79 pre-existing, government-owned ones.  Saskatoon will see two, while Regina will see the other one. The government is currently distributing requests for proposals forms, where they offer more insight into what they are looking for from prospective applicants.

Donna Harpauer, the Minister for the Saskatchewan Liquor Gaming Authority says, “There is already significant interest from people who want to open a private liquor store.”

Applicants can make proposals for whatever area they would like to see the private liquor store in and they have till January 31st 2013 to apply.  There was talk about the Government selling off the 79 pre-existing ones government-owned ones, but during the last election campaign, The Saskatchewan Party promised that would not happen.


 Edmonton born Corb Lund comes home to perform

Alberta’s southern son is coming home this week to perform in Edmonton this Friday. This country-singing cowboy likes to change it up, that is why on the backside of the acoustic axe he strums you’ll find a taped list of 97 songs. Lund selects what he will play during his set randomly and gives cues via hand gestures to his band The Hurtin’ Albertans-Grant Siemens (guitar/multi-instrumentalist), Brady Valgardson (drummer), and his bassist Kurt Ciesla.

Lund says, “I’ll play a song and near the end of the song or as I’m finishing, I’ll give (Siemens) a hand signal, so he knows” which instrument to pick up next.”

Lund and his band-mates wowed audiences four months ago at Edmonton Folk Fest and since, have ranked #1 for best album in Canada with Cabin Fever, which sold over 5000 copies in its first week. Lund launched a 17-city Canadian tour in November unfortunately he had to postpone five shows in Ontario due to family illness.

Lund plays at the Edmonton Expo Centre on Friday where the Turnpike Troubadours will open. The show begins at 8 p.m. and tickets are $39.50. The below video was dedicated to the Albertans that were hit with massive flood damage in 2006.

Lund Truck got Stuck video:



The Winnipeg Tribune’s story told through Made-for-TV film

Extra! Extra! Sit back and watch it, The Winnipeg Tribune’s underdog true story is told through a made for TV film.  The movie explores the historic newspaper that was founded in 1880 by L.R. Richardson and D.L. McIntyre. The duo dug up $7,000 between them and took over the old digs and press of the Winnipeg (Daily) Sun, which closed its doors in 1980.

Award-winning filmmaker Paula Kelly screened the film on Wednesday afternoon in the Elizabeth Dafoe Library at the University of Manitoba. On Thursday December 6th the made-for-TV film will premiere on MTS TV.

Kelly has had her dramatic shorts screened around the world. In 2009 her trio of short films Souvenirs were nominated for best Documentary Short and won the Manitoba Day Award. In 2010, The Winnipeg Film Group bestowed upon her the honour of the Manitoba Hothouse Award for Creative Development.

The Trib Story trailer:



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