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Calgary choir instructor bridges gap, Saskatchewan Movember man honoured, and Edmonton’s Print Affair.


 Choral instructor Jane Perry leading a rehearsal

Artistic director of One Voice Chorus Jane Perry wanted to see a place where gay men and women could come together, and, until the choir was formed, Calgary didn’t have such a place.

“I felt a little sad that Calgary didn’t have such a community and I saw the opportunity to create some community,” she says. So she and her partner, Cora Castle, launched One Voice Chorus in September 2011. “It’s also important for me to build bridges between this little part of the queer community and the greater civic community.”

Perry was choral director for the gay and lesbian choir, the Tone Clusters, in Ottawa where her and her partner used to live. When Perry first started the choir, it began with a humble four members, all sopranos but now has grown to 16. See welcomes all to audition for this growing testament to the community, but is hoping for more basses. One Voice is currently preparing for their Christmas performance this weekend called The First Nowell, which will include pieces such as a rainbow take on Baby It’s Cold Outside, and an accapella rendition of O Magnum Mysterium, a Latin text on the birth of Jesus.

One Voice Chorus presents The First Nowell at Scarboro United Church in Calgary on Sunday at 7:30 p.m.



Saskatchewan’s Reed Ludwig honoured for Movember efforts

During the month of November men around the world kept a stiff upper lip to grow moustaches on. What was most hair-raising, however, is that Saskatchewan’s own Reed Ludwig raised the most “to change the face of men’s health” worldwide and was honoured by Premiere Brad Wall for doing so.

“We checked the Movember information today and worldwide, the number 1 fundraiser for prostate cancer and men’s mental health is Reed Ludwig,” said Brad Wall.

Ludwig works at the Canadian oilsands company MEG Energy as an electrician, he raised $96,321. It was Ludwig’s first attempt at a moustache and was selected by the company to represent them when they had a grow-off 10 days prior to the start of Movember; once he was he started with a clean shave for the fundraising event.

“It’s quite overwhelming,” said Ludwig, who lives in Medstead, located about 170 kilometres west of Prince Albert. “I still don’t know how to describe it … the support has been unbelievable.”

Ludwig was honoured on Thursday at the Legislature with a certificate of merit and a photo of fellow moustacheketeer, Saskatchewan’s first premiere Walter Scott.



 Illustration meets photography at the 2012 Edmonton Print Affair

The Edmonton art scene wants you to notice the fine prints this Saturday night at their 2012 annual Print Affair.  It is put on by SNAP Gallery and is a fundraiser where the theme is silver and gold. The event will act as a venue to shop, bop and win a tour of the facilities where DJs Prairie Dawn and electro-spider Ghibli will be spinning in the midst of the built-in-studios and gallery.

After SNAP’s engaging, eloquent, executive director jokes ‘what isn’t printmaking’ she defines it by saying, “Printmaking is essentially a fine art that has always fed off of industry. As soon as something in industry dies, we build it into our lexicon of art making to preserve it. Look at traditional stone lithography. There’s beautiful stones out in the world that used to be used by banks to print banknotes and beer labels and war posters, so that was commercial printing. And now the only people using them are diehard, fine-art lithographers.”

Dean says there will be many affordable items available for auction on Saturday night; a few to look for would be the fusion of a beautiful photographed model with a less than man-pretty illustration. There is also a tongue and cheek icon of Christ eating a Eatmore-esque candy bar that gives a nod to communion and a wink at capitalism, with certain biases taken into account of course. The big draw is a piece said to be worth $6,000 that was created for SNAP’s 30th anniversary which they celebrate this year.

A Print Affair is on from 7 p.m. until 12 a.m. at the SNAP Gallery where tickets can be bought at the door for $20.



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