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Animators wanted in Calgary, Saskatchewan’s original TV shows coming soon, Edmonton food bank gets gluten-free goodies, and Winnipeg cats abandoned.

Animated film based on David Hare play

Calling all animators. The National Film Board and Calgary filmmaker Cam Christensen are searching the land for two people to help with an arduous animated film project, based on the work of playwright David Hare. The two successful candidates will be paid to work for  a three-month stretch starting in the middle of January out of the Banff Centre.

“You get to go to Banff Centre and hang out in the mountains,” says Christiansen, in an interview from his Calgary studio. “I think it’s a pretty good gig. Plus, you get paid. . . I read the description and think, ‘If I was 20 I would love to do something like this.”

The film will be based on Wall, the one-person monologue by David Hare about what is considered the “security fence,” referring to the wall that separates Israel from the West Bank. Christensen initiated this 3D project back in 2011 and the animation in it will include stop-motion and live-action. Hare will star in this project and it is projected that it will take three years for Christensen’s vision to see fruition.

David Hare Interview on project:



UnknownThree original Saskatchewan shows are green-lit

Corner Gas isn’t the only TV show to come out of Saskatchewan. Two new original Saskatchewan shows will be airing in 2013 after being approved by CityTV. As well, music concert series The Neighbours Dog will be renewed for a fourth season. The Neighbours Dog has featured artists such as Cowboy Junkies and The Sheepdogs.

One new show CityTV approved is Tequila Roadhouse, which will be produced by Fahrenheit Films and focus on Saskatoon’s Tequila Nightclub. It will air as a six-part documentary series following owners Simon Papadopoulos and Bryan “Chunk” Pawlawchuk  through their daily operations enjoying the arrival of newfound wealth and residents.

The final show approved will be one geared towards children in the preschool-age range, produced by Tim Tyler of Cheshire Smile Animation. It is called Space Stretch and is an intergalactic series where young kids become astronauts and learn to practice outer-space yoga. The show will run in a series of eight, five-minute segments and will star Crash Tanga, a space-yogi and along for the ride is his faithful companion Upside Downward Dog.

Cowboy Junkies on The Neighbors Dog:



imagesKinnikinnick Foods donates gluten-free treats to Edmonton Food Bank

Kinnikinnick Foods will be making sure the Edmonton Food Bank has gluten-free goodies this holiday season for those in need, as many who may use the service could be very well intolerant to gluten. Marjorie Bencz, the director of Edmonton’s Food Bank in a press release on Thursday said, “Imagine being hungry and knowing that most of the food you can find will just make you sick.”

KinniKinnick Foods got started in the late 1980s, when Ted Wolff Von Selzam, who began baking goodies for a farmers market in Edmonton, was asked to begin making gluten-free products. By 1996, they were supplying the Edmonton market as well a small regional one both in Saskatchewan, and B.C. Kinnikinnick Foods will be offering gluten-free hampers at their retail store at a discount and will match all donations pound for pound. The Edmonton Food Bank is hoping to see 1,000 pounds of food donated before year’s end.

“This is reality for many people in need,” says Bencz. “With the tremendous support of Kinnikinnick Foods and other donors, we are determined to prepare hampers suitable for those living with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance.”



Unknown-1A litter of four kittens abandoned outside near hotel dumpster

It’s not too late to give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas. A litter of kittens were found abandoned outside at a hotel dumpster on a cold, Winnipeg winter night. The sad reality for Carla Martinelli-Irvine, the director of the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter, was that she had to quite literally let the cats out of the bag.

“They were found in a sealed garbage bag, in this cold,” Carla Martinelli-Irvine, told CBC News on Wednesday.

The caretaker of the hotel found the bag after hearing noises by the garbage behind the building. The tiny kittens are recovering, and while one is still quite on the skinny side, Marinelli-Irvine was happy to report they are doing better than they were. She suspects the person responsible for such a cruel act didn’t want them to survive.

“They would have probably lasted another hour, if that, in these temperatures…. It was just horrific.”

While two of the little guys have already found homes for Christmas, caring owners are still wanted to adopt the others.



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