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Calgary video business is booming, Zombies in Saskatchewan, Edmonton loses faith in Lance, and the MTS Centre kicks off NHL season.

UnknownKicker Inc. owners Paul Bzeta and Kate Mistol

Video may have killed the radio star, but it is stampeding its way into small businesses and large corporations, according to Paul Bzeta, who owns Calgary based Kicker Inc., with his wife Kate Mistol. Kicker Inc. has made it their business to provide compelling digital and video media for both retail and corporate clients  across North America.

“They’re using video more and more to communicate with internal audiences and their clients. We’ve been in business now for eight years and we’re seeing a hockey stick growth in our business,” says Bzeta. “Our Calgary clients have made video production a big part of their internal and external marketing plans for the year.”

This husband and wife team has been awarded an Emmy for their video production and took home the 2012 platinum MarCom award for their Web Video and Animation and the 2012 gold Marcom award for animated video. They are currently getting set to launch a new aerial video service. This will feature drones carrying large broadcast cameras and will operated by remote control.



images-1 Zombie Prep Camp in Saskatchewan

Between the hit AMC series The Walking Dead, and Warm Bodies the new movie to hit theatres, one can’t seem to get away from zombies. So would a camp to prep you, if you were to come face to face with one be a good idea? Camp director and CEO of Zombie Prep Canada Matt Dracket seems to think so.

“I am not a nut, I don’t believe the apocalypse is coming, but it is a fun camp, its different, you’ve seen nothing like it and if you miss it you’ll have wished you went,” said Dracket. “We are going to have a psychologist there, talking about the need for decisive action and separating from your feelings when it comes to taking out former loved ones. There is a big fitness aspect as well, there will be a lot of fitness drills and there will be a skilled obstacle course at the end.”

And, that is not all. According to Dracket, professional hunters and outdoor specialists will show military instruction survival tactics. The camp runs from May 17th to the 20th and $375 will secure you a spot for the weekend.

Warm Bodies trailer:



images-2 Edmonton’s United Cycle will remove their mural of Lance Armstrong

His face used to inspire courage, defying the odds, and living strong but now it is masked with disgrace after Lance Armstrong admitted using performance-enhancing drugs. Edmonton’s United Cycle who showcased the cyclist with pride in a mural over their store has decided after much thought, to remove it. When the store had its grand reopening in 2009, the mural went up to honor Armstrong and his seven Tour de France titles.

“It was a big celebratory time and obviously the win brought a lot of good recognition to the cycling community and we were proud to celebrate it,” explained Kelly Hodgson, United Cycle’s Marketing Events and Campaign Coordinator


After Armstrong’s recent confession the storeowners have deemed the mural no longer appropriate, and while it has not yet been decided what, a new one will replace it.



images-3NHL 2013 season kicks off at MTS Centre

Hockey fans worldwide were feeling it was better late than never when the NHL 2013 season finally got underway on Saturday afternoon, but none I’m sure were as excited as Winnipeggers who got to see their beloved Jets kick the whole thing off at the MTS Centre.

There wasn’t an empty seat in the house, and Winnipeg Jets paraphernalia and painted faces lined the stands.  You could hear Winnipeg’s hometown pride as early as the national anthem when “True North” was bellowed in sync with the song. Well known as the loudest fans in the league, people were pumped to see the Jets back for their second year after a 15-year absence. Games are sold out for the next 3 years, with a waiting list of 8,000 hopefuls to trade in their TV screens for the real deal.

The Jet fuel started off strong when the players hit the ice, and number 33 on the rink but number 1 in our hearts, Dustin Byfuglien commanded the first goal. The Ottawa Senators tied it up in the first period and continued to govern the Jets on the ice right through to the third period.  Fans at the MTS Centre supported their team right until the end and felt solace that once again their boys, along with the good old hockey game was back in town. The final score was in Ottawa’s favour 4-1.


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