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New Winnipeg condo looks kind of cool, Saskatoon fashion designer goes Hollywood, Regina council near unanimous over stadium, Edmonton gets existential exhibit, and Calgary in a Kenworth.

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This is going up, somewhere in downtown Winnipeg

It’s been dubbed the Flying Saucer, and it is landing, if you will, “between the edge of downtown and the Red River.” Winnipeg firm 5468796 Architecture says this 27,000-square-foot, circular building will be built in an area considered “undesirable” due to lack of street frontage and the surrounding tall buildings restricting the view. The livable area of the building will sit 35 feet above the ground, supported by 20 stilts.

The condo will contain 40, 610-square-foot, pie-shaped suites ranging from $195,000 to $215,000. The firm is aiming for a 2014 completion date.

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Saskatoon fashions in Hollywood swag bag

Saskatoon fashion designer Melissa Squire has been asked to put together an assortment of her creations to help fill swag bags at The Oscars; an honour, to be sure. Swag bags, period, are the criminal part of this story, but I digress, I editorialize, and I should know better than to nibble on the hand that feeds (privately, we all love a good swag bag).

Squire told CBC  she’s been receiving a significant amount of media attention since her work was featured during Brooklyn Fashion Week in the fall, offering an explanation to the request from the producers of The Oscars.

Her work, according to her site, is a “1950s, pinup-inspired brand with edgy, rockabilly attitude.” Hopefully, an A-lister or two, ideally of the trend-setting ilk, will find a great accessory or a great item of clothing in Squire’s contribution. Here’s to homegrown talent.



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Regina council green-lights stadium

Regina will be the home of a new football stadium in 2017 after a crucial city council vote Monday evening. The council session, which ended with the vote on the stadium’s funding model and design, was attended by a largely oppositional public. The amount of money needed to build a new stadium, no matter where it is or how wealthy the city or province, deserves some opposition, whether it’s in the end a good idea or not. And this idea has a healthy dose of naysayers, according to the Leader-Post.

But, after the dust settled, all but one councillor voted in favour. The $278-million stadium is a go, with $180-million from the province ($100M of which will be borrowed money), $25M from the Roughriders, and  $73M from the city.


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Edmonton gets existential Star Wars exhibit

Star Wars Identities: The exhibition is currently running at Edmonton’s Telus World of Science and it will remain so until April 1. For Star Wars fans and the general public, the exhibit may just border on the existential. Here, an excerpt from the exhibit’s site:

“A unique interactive identity quest allows you to design your own Star Wars Hero, putting you in the center of the action, and asking…

What forces shape YOU?”

Tough stuff.

And, if you’re not convinced yet, the Telus World of Science also bills the exhibit in a deep light, calling it a “character-driven adventure into what makes us who we are.”



Minister gets tour of Calgary in a highway tractor

Dennis Hokanson, a driver for trucking company Trimac, gave Alberta transportation minister Ric McIver a tour of Calgary on Monday in a new, state-of-the-art Kenworth highway tractor pulling two super-Bs.  The Alberta Motor Transport Association put on the event to give McIver a view of the trucking industry and a lesson on how to share the road.

We liked this piece. It brings out the country in us and it’s one of those news bits that would otherwise slip under the radar. Thanks, Today’s Trucking!

No word on whether or not McIver learned anything.


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