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Prairie Daily: Edmonton chef returns, Baumgartner’s suit and tear gas on Winnipeg playground

This one is for Edmonton’s food lovers

Edmonton foodies are delighting, at least on Twitter, over the return of chef Ryan O’Flynn. A hometown talent, O’Flynn studied culinary arts at NAIT but has spent the last decade or so as a chef in the U.K. He has returned to take over the kitchen at Edmonton’s Bistro La Persaud, where he has reportedly made extensive changes to the menu.

“It’s good, honest, creative food. I like to think of it as modern French, but also modern Canadian. So we have an onion tarte tatin, which is French, but with local goat cheese”

Read full interview here.

Hunters needing to hunt find home for excess meat

The Saskatoon Food Bank will soon be accepting deer, moose, elk and other meat from the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation in a campaign called “Hunt for Hunger.” The initiative addresses the need to fill food hampers for those in need, but also gives cause to hunters who enjoy the sport and have no place for their excess meat.

There are about 300 pounds of wild meat waiting in a freezer for the food bank to pick up.

 Calgary engineer played pivotal role in Baumgartner’s dive

The genius of Calgary’s Shane Jacobs was used to help build the suit that helped Felix Baumgartner skydive from 39,000 metres at Mach 1.24 and survive.  Jacobs, a PhD in aerospace engineering, had prior experience working with the complexities of high-performance, high-tech sporting equipment at a lab in Calgary.

In an interview with the Calgary Herald, Jacobs did not disclose how much the suit cost.

An interesting project, to be sure, for an engineer. But, really, do more people need to be drinking Red Bull?


Tear gas drifts over Winnipeg school playground

About 20 students at a Winnipeg school were sent home Wednesday after tear-gas from a neighbouring prison wafted over the playground, causing eye irritation and coughing. The prison, Stony Mountain Institution, told CTVNews they used the gas as part of a routine drill and that it usually dissipates almost immediately.

The school has asked to be notified next time the prison decides to unleash tear gas 500 metres from the playground.


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