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Prairie Daily: Darkly comical & alienating Winnipeg exhibit, prank calling and blow torch jack-o-lanterns

Michael Dumontier and Neil Farbe, Winnipeg-based artists with the now-defunct art collective, the Royal Art Lodge (whose membership at one point included the critically -acclaimed artist Marcel Dzama) are featuring their work in an exhibition at the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art (Unit 1 – 460 Portage Avenue).

Their work is at turns darkly comical, alienating and evocative. It’s David Shrigley meets William Blake in a Glen Baxter picture book.

Their process involved weekly hangouts and collaborative drawings, using a collage style as opposed to straight comic style inking. They remain in Winnipeg despite Dzama’s departure, citing that every aspect of the Winnipeg art scene is explained by Winnipeg’s geographical isolation.”

For more information on the exhibit, visit here.

Saskatoon wants YOU to vote 

Saskatoon municipal elections are coming up on Oct 24, 2012. The City of Saskatoon has launched a jaunty new site to inspire us all to rise to our civic duty.

If you’re pretty sure you live in Saskatoon and feel like ending your possible spree of apathy, find the voter’s guide here:

Calgary prank caller is bad for sex trade biz

Calgary police are experiencing a barrage of prank calls that are cluttering the phone lines and obstructing their attentions from investigating actual crimes.

The calls have been increasing in regularity. There have been over 50 in the last 12 months. They usually involve an anonymous woman feigning distress at being held against her will by an armed man. The

Calgary Sun wrote of the most recent incident; “Police, including TAC Team members with a battering ram, were at the scene for at least two hours and ultimately found no crime scene. Instead, in almost every case, sources said, officers found Asian sex trade workers, typically alone, not in distress and bewildered to see police arrive.”


Blow torch jack-o-lantern

Regina-based technology group, Crashbanglabs, are a technology ‘hacker’ group ratcheting up the ante in the world of pumpkin carving with their non-conventional methods.

Using blade saws, blow torches and drywall saws and LED lights, they are able to achieve a higher level of jack-o-lantern.