Race 1

Winnipeg filmmaker Paul Kroeker has put together this short, powerful, beautiful film about horse racing jockey Jennifer Reid. Well, the part where the horses at the beginning are harmed is NOT beautiful, but it is part of the story none the less. There is a happy ending, at least for Ms Reid.

“I have never rode or sat on a horse, they are truly magnificent creatures. I had recently purchased a new camera and I wanted to try it out, so I thought, why not go film some horses…

The footage I captured on the first race of the night was by far the best. It was a really close finish. I really didn’t appreciate what had transpired until I looked at the footage from the track webcam the next day.

Then I delved a bit deeper and discovered that Jennifer Reid(the star of this film) was almost killed in her first season of racing, in 2009.
She’s also a woman in a sport that historically has been dominated by men.
A true underdog story.

Music: Michael Giacchino”