Royal baby having affair: Source

By Matt Nightingdale

The newborn baby of Kate and William, Duke of Cambridge found himself at the centre of controversy Monday, after sources revealed the young royal to be having an affair.

The revelation deals a major blow to the already embattled 27-hour old royal infant known for his scandalous behaviour.

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But, while royal watchers say they’re disappointed, they’re not shocked.

“We’ve seen this sort of thing before with the Royal Family,” says long-time Royal fanatic, Margaret Cavendish. “I’m more upset that he covered it up for 27 hours.”

Indeed, it is not the first time the royal baby himself has caused a stir. Before news of his affair surfaced, the king-to-be was spotted in the maternity ward of London’s St. Mary’s Hospital smoking marijuana.

Matt Nightingale is a comedian and writer from Winnipeg. Follow him on Vine and Twitter: @NightingaleMJ