Sailor Dan

University of Saskatchewan Photography Major Ishtiaq Opal brings us the story of Sailor Dan, an artist from Saskatoon who has faced some hard times but has managed to inspire through his art. 

“60 year old artist from Saskatoon, Canada. Instead of becoming a hustler, he started drawing. Drawing is his only source of earning, and streets are his store. A person who loves his simplistic way of life. Just like his line sailboat drawings. He might not have a nice home to live in. Where he doesn’t have a proper place to sleep in. Has no table to draw on. Or even electricity in his apartment. Yet his positiveness toward life. And passion toward art is very inspiring.

Even though people might see him on the street and call him “crazy” or “bum”. It was an honour to get to know him and become friends. Definitely one of the most nicest stranger i have ever met in my life. I hope the City of Saskatoon, and the people in it help him as much as possible. So other homeless people get inspired by him.

Best place to find him: Every evening 7pm to 9pm (approximately). Around 2nd & 3rd avenue downtown. By the cineplex and all the bars.”