Secret Skatepark – Winnipeg, MB

This mini-documentary/interview, done by Terry Proveda just absolutely amazes me. As the story goes, there is a secret place in Winnipeg where a group of people have built themselves a skatepark in an old warehouse. But, really, this is less a story of a skatepark and more of a story of passion and dedication. In many ways, it’s a beautiful fairy tail of dreams coming true and hopes being realized, except it didn’t come easy. There was no magic wand, just pure hard work, blood, sweat and muscle…and a few lost teeth.

“Only a select few know that on the third floor of an old storage warehouse sits a secret skatepark. Here’s the story on how it got started and how riding in Winnipeg takes even more than dedication.

Thanks to David Mcnabb for letting me in and sharing the story”

Thank you Terry for making such a great video!