Shame No More

This is powerful. There are no words to explain how this could happen to anyone, anywhere. Knowing that this is a part of our history, here in Canada, does leave me with a sense of sadness. I wish we had done better. Multi-talented actress, martial arts instructor, make-up artist, narrator and filmmaker JoAnn Wabisca brings us an important story that we should not forget as we move forward and continue to make Canada better for all.

““Shame No More” examines the early childhood experience of Rita Gardner, a Native American Métis Cree woman from Alberta, Canada. As a young child Rita was sent to a Canadian Indian Residential School and then to the Mitchener Center in Red Deer, Alberta. A panel to determine her mental competence for child bearing interviewed her. The panel determined she should be sterilized as authorized by the Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta, enacted in 1928. This is Rita’s story of survival and hope. The film captures the essence of Rita, and is a testament to her courage, tenacity and desire to experience everything that she could in life.”