WOW! This is cool. I saw this and had to share it. Fantastic idea, if you ask me, and the end result is spectacular. Such a simple premise, but such a huge impact. Minimalism with maximum results.

“Artist: Molly Willows

Artist Statement: For years we have had an urge to create a character-driven animation piece. For us, the opportunity came knocking in the Fall of 2010 disguised in the form of a pitch for ‘Funcheez’.

We got excited and pulled out all the stops for the pitch. We designed characters and environments, drew up storyboards, colour boards, and boardomatics. The pitch was beautiful and fun, but in the end the client decided to go with another studio for the spot.
But it was too late—we had somehow fallen completely in-love with our strange little alien creatures and rather than relegating them to our salon des refusés to gather dust, decided to take the plunge and build a story around them.

FilmOneFest (filmonefest.org) is a non profit film festival, the work has been uploaded with permission of the artist.”