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Spec Trib on Air

There were two big firsts for Manitoba last Wednesday. One of them you may have heard of: after years of thinking, planning, hoping, and a good bit of fumbling, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers finally played in a brand new stadium. The second first, however, was the reason a good chunk of those Bomber fans joined non-Bomber fans and stayed home. They cozied up in their favorite armchairs, put some Earl Grey tea on the boil, let their pipe smoke curl to the ceiling, and tuned the radio to the University of Manitoba’s UMFM.
That’s right: Wednesday saw the first edition of Spec Trib on Air, the Spectator Tribune’s brand new interview-based radio show. Our first line-up was made up of personalities familiar to Spectator Tribune readers: Winnipeg’s all-things-urban specialist Robert Galston, the Spectator Tribune’s Editor-In-Chief Toban Dyck, and popular feminist writer and blogger, Jen Zoratti. If you thought they were sizzlin’ on paper, just wait till you hear their silky voices.
For those of you who missed the show; not to worry! We’ve subtracted the ads and added some calm ‘n tranquil podcast-y tunes for all our post-live show, online listeners. Enjoy.