Spray Lakes snowkite destination

[su_vimeo url=”http://vimeo.com/112589823″ width=”620″ height=”420″]


I was driving near Selkirk, Manitoba the other day and saw some people doing this crazy snowkite stuff in a field. It looked pretty darn cool, I must say. And, apparently, they also do it at Spray Lakes, Alberta. Well, I’m sure they do it in many places. But, I’m also betting that not many of those places have the incredible scenery Spray Lakes seems to have.

“many Thanks to:
– Leading Edge kiteboarding Edmonton lekiteboarding.com
– Bloom Art Photography Edmonton
– Gill Breu Red Bull Media
– Wainman Hawaii
– Aboards kiteboarding / snowkite boards

Location: Spray Lakes Alberta, one of the most beautiful snowkite spots in the world with a unique scenery with almost guaranteed every day wind.”