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Spring seeding continues for Manitoba farmers

Manitoba farmers are making a mad dash to finish spring seeding, which recently surpassed the halfway mark. While the weather has been cooler and wetter than many had hoped it would be, work continues apace. Soybeans, a popular Manitoba crop, will likely have a slower start due to current weather conditions.

Unfortunately, some will no doubt have to contend with frost damage, especially those who planted canola, flax, soybeans or corn. Mercifully, the wet weather may have insulated these crops to some extent.

Potato planting was ahead of schedule this year. Vikram Bisht, a plant pathologist with Manitoba Agriculture, noted Manitoba could see as much as a 20 per cent increase in the potato crop this year due to increased contract volumes. He cautioned, though, risk of disease would of course depend upon weather conditions as the growing season progresses.