Teaser for Kelly Saxberg’s ‘The Big Blue’ featuring Charles Wilkins

I was excited when I read in the program for Thin Air Winnipeg International Writers Festival that writer Charles Wilkins would be at the Millenium Library on September 25th. Charles is an old acquaintance from Thunder Bay where he ran writers workshops at the libraries there. My aunt and I would go faithfully to each event to practice our writing, but most importantly, just to enjoy Charles, his stories, his advice and his encouragement.

Charles has released a new book called ‘Little Ship of Fools’, an almost hard to believe story of him and 15 other rowers attempting to break a world record speed for crossing the Atlantic. Well, they didn’t make the record. But, Charles got an incredible story out of it, and here is a teaser of a longer documentary about his incredible (and slightly insane) journey.

“This is a 9 minute cut down of the 65 minute feature documentary “The Big Blue”.
The film can be purchased via paypal at  shebafilms.com
To book a screening or a book signing send us email at shebafilm@gmail.com
Charlie Wilkins’ book, Little Ship of Fools, based on the voyage of Big Blue, was published in September 2013
Check out his website: charleswilkins.ca
Charles Wilkins – Writer | Narrator
Kelly Saxberg – Director | Editor
Dylan White – Camera (ocean)
Damien Gilbert – Camera (land)
Danny Johnson – Music
Ron Harpelle – Producer”