Tech Spectator: Gadgets for winter survival or the best outfit imaginable

The Tech Spectator is a themed round-up of gadgets extracted from the web. We loathe to call it a curated list, but that’s kind of what it is.

Topping the list but not making the list is ski-pants. Perhaps not widely-recognized as a gadget, per se, the ski-pant is by far the best way to combat the bitter malice of winter.

The Lazy Grow Leisure Suit 

This item hardly needs an introduction. Just gaze upon its cozy beauty. If you like hunkering down or infantilizing yourself, look no further than to this joggy-pant/hoodie combination. We feel this item may be too cool to be considered a garment, so we’re confidently including this piece of ingenuity as a gadget.

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 5.52.12 PM


As is apparent in photo, this fleece gem comes in all sorts whacky colours.

From the site (because I couldn’t have said it better): “Whether you’re hungover, on holidays, hungover while on holidays or simply looking to reconnect with your inner enfant terrible; this body suit has you covered.”

Winter, do your worst!

Battery-heated Socks

Though also a garment, this battery-powered sock does have electronics fastened to it, so a gadget it most definitely is.

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 6.27.29 PM



For the chronically-underdressed winter wuss, this sock may be worth the money. The thermostat-controlled sock has high and low settings and will not overheat, says the site. If these socks put out any heat at all, suffice it to say that if you hit the ditch and are forced to light that silly candle “experts” say is enough to keep you from freezing to death, you will feel good about having socks you can turn on. Though, I wonder what it feels like to have two D batteries attached to your person for most of the winter.

Bohemian Guitars: Oil can guitars

Okay, less explicitly winter related, but still relevant to this article. Long, extended cold spells have an interesting relationship to creativity. And, besides, these things look uber cool.

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 6.22.54 PM

These instruments, made from recycled oil cans, are fully-functional electric guitars with a single coil pickup. They are available in honey, motor oil or moonshine.

Interesting idea, to be sure. More info and Bohemian Guitars video here

USB Mug Warmer

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 6.36.13 PM

The major roadblock with this device is: I can’t picture myself arriving at the office, pulling out my laptop and charge cord, then going back into the tickle trunk to reveal and setup this piece of douchery. I’m sure it works great and I would only pass silent judgment if I saw others using it. I promise. But the device makes sense, save for the fact my hypothetically stranded car doesn’t have USB jacks. But, this thing made the list because some cigarette lighter chargers do have USB inputs. Enjoy!

Headphone Beanie

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 6.45.27 PM


If by now you haven’t guessed, I’m piece-by-piece putting together the best winter outfit imaginable. This beanie comes with built-in headphones that fit into a standard 3.5mm stereo plug. The beanie is machine washable and the headphones can be removed easily. We think it would go nicely with heated socks and leisure suit.

I’m Here

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 6.55.41 PM


So, at this point in the story you’re in your car (which won’t start), it’s however cold John Sauder said it was going to be; you got your heated socks on; your beanie is pumping out today’s hits; you’re playing guitar and enjoying a warm cup of coffee. But, does anyone know where you are? This gadget is the final piece to the winter puzzle. This GPS tracker will automatically send its location to the phone or it is connected to an iCloud enabled device. Chances are, this device would be paired with your own phone, which you hopefully have with you, but, if connected to a home-based iCloud device, others would be able to get on your computer and track you done. There. You’re safe.


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